Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Uncle the Cowboy

My uncle passed away this morning. He has been battling cancer for a few years. Today, the cancer took his body but oh, how I am praying that The Lord has his soul. He was the closest cowboy I have ever known. He ALWAYS had on cowboy boots and western shirts and cowboy hats. He rode horses and lived on a farm. He was a very strong man. His youngest daughter and I were pretty close. I would spend the weekends with them. My cousin and I would play barbies for hours and hours. Oh the fun we had! They were country people and I was the biggest city kid! They all taught me a thing or two about living in the country. They introduced me to snapping turtles, and very long snakes and haylofts. I got bit by a horse at their house. I fell into the goose/duck pond at their house. I stepped on cow manure that I thought was hard...but oh was still very soft! In flip flops no less!! EWWWWWWW!! I touched my first (and last) electric fence at their house. I swung in a hammock at their house. I loved their house.
My aunt and uncle loved each other very much. They both served each other in a mighty way. They were playful together. I saw my aunt flick my uncle with a kitchen towel and he chase her around the kitchen table....laughing all the way. My aunt lost her best friend today. If you are reading this and believe in prayer, please pray for her. They also have four children that will be coming to their moms side in the coming days. Cancer stinks! Let me repeat again....CANCER STINKS!!!
For those who belong to Christ we know that there is no cancer in heaven. There will be a day where there is no more pain....there will be a day.

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