Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7th Grade Valentines

My 5th grade daughter was busy putting together her Valentines for the class party Friday. I asked the 7th grade daughter if her class was doing anything for Valentines day. I already figured the answer was no...but I wanted to ask just in case. The answer was no...but she said she would like to do something for her friends. So, we came up with this idea. I baked cookies this evening while she was at church baby-sitting. M & M cookies with Valentine colors. Can you see the red, pink and white chocolate yummies thru the bag?

She decided to give these to the people who sit at her lunch table tomorrow at school. There are ten of them that sit together. We stamped the little tags to put on them. Can you see what they say? My friend, my friend, my friend.....with the little pink heart. We think they turned out pretty cute. Hope her "table mates" think so to. I am also hoping that the mean kids don't make fun. I am betting they will be drooling with envy actually. I told her if they make fun, they are just jealous that none of their friends thought enough of them to do something so special. Boy is it hard to be in 7th grade. Did not like it when I was there and here I am again in it with my sweet girl. Sigh......

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