Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't try this at home!

Today was a dreary, yucky, rainy day. Much different from yesterday! What is a girl to do while out shopping for her daughters "ball gown" but stop at Starbucks and grab her favorite drink? These little frozen concoctions are my most favorite. But, my little hands get so cold drinking them. I put this little "mug sweater" in my glove box that I bought off Etsy awhile back. The perfect thing for my beverage and my cold little hands! As you can see, I was driving. I just had to take her little picture so you could see my ingenious idea I had this afternoon. But, if my daughters, when they begin driving, try to take a picture of their frozen coffee sporting a little pink knitted sweater and operating an automobile in the pouring rain.........I just might have to yank their keys. hee hee :)

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