Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Jacks

Well, I have not been a very good blogger, have I? I have been keeping up with all my favorites...just not posting on my own. Guess I think the people who I know are reading and sissy, I have been keeping up with. This is the strange thing about don't know who, if anyone, actually reads your blog. Is anyone out there???? :) If so, hello to you!

This is the view above my kitchen sink. There is some strange piece of wood up there, not sure what the purpose is except for something decorative. Well, I decorate it for the holidays. This year I strung some little jack-0-lanterns up there. A friend of ours who is extremely talented with building and construction and electrical stuff installed a light switch on top of the cabinets for me to plug little lights in up there. Wasn't that nice of him? He is a single guy and he probably saw no need what-so-ever in doing that....but he did it for me anyway. :) Anywho....when I woke up this morning I was greeted by these little smiling fellows, and I just smiled. Sometimes God gives us little things that bring happiness to our hearts....and today He used these little guys. Sometimes, I am afraid, that I miss the little gifts God gives me to make me smile. I am too busy going about what I need to do or what I THINK I need to do, that I miss His little gifts of happiness. Sigh....
Today though, I felt your love for me Lord....and it was in the form of little jacks! How fun is that! :)

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