Sunday, October 12, 2008

Olive, Pickle and Creamer Jars

This is my night-stand next to my bed. I have a little lamp, my clock, a picture of my kitty, a picture of my kids when they were very young and a little vase with daisy's (of course) that my husband gave me for our 18th wedding anniversary. Now, don't think he is cheap and just gave me this little bunch of flowers. NO! He gave me a HUGE bouquet of yellow and white daisy's (cause he knows what I like!) Instead of keeping them in one vase, I like to cut them down and scatter them around the house so I can enjoy them in every room. Don't have a lot of vases you say to do this? This little vase was a glass creamer jar I re-purposed from the store after I used all the cream in my coffee. Yum!

I had a very thrifty grandma. My fathers mother, Grandma Mac, was a "Martha" before there was The Martha! HA! She saved things like glass jars from pickles and olives and kept them for little projects. She would let me pick flowers from her yard and we would put the flowers in the little jars that she had kept in them. She would carefully take the labels off and wash them and then put them in her garage on a very large shelf that had a curtain covering her treasures hidden behind it. :) (She kept my dollhouse back there too she made me. That is another post someday.) I guess as I am getting older, I am getting more and more like her. Or so I am told. I miss her. She died when I was 25 years old. She was at my wedding but I am not sure if she knew where she was. Her mind slowly left her and she entered into a world where my father, her son, became a little boy again. What a sad disease....... I look at my hands and realize that I have her hands. I have her wedding ring that I use for my own. The diamond is small but the setting is lovely. Vintage looking....just like me. :) The apprasial value is not much but the sentimental value is priceless!! I also have my grandma's bible. There is several places where my name is written next to scriptures. She must of prayed for me when she read those. My grandma was a Christian and I know I will meet her again someday. I can not wait to catch up with her! I have a lot to tell her! What about you? Who are you looking forward to meeting again in heaven?

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big O said...

utglfffqShann Girl. You never cease to amaze me on your memories of childhood.I read yor blog to Dad and You know me tears.