Saturday, July 3, 2010

So Pretty

I was cleaning house yesterday for my family who is coming up today from Illinois.  This is the first time we have all been together since the end of May.  We are due.  While cleaning, I thought I would wash some of my doily's and runners that I have sitting out.  Since Michigan has been sooooo pretty these past few days, I thought I would hang them out to dry.  Since our silly home owners association forbids clothes lines (can you imagine that?) I had to use my little drying rack my so sweet in laws gave me as a gift one year.  For some reason, when I saw the things hanging up to dry, I thought it was so sweet and pretty.  Just wanted to share it with you.

p.s.  If you happen to see any little barbie pillows and dresses also hanging out to dry on my little rack, it is because we are washing some old toys that my girls have outgrown and getting ready to sell them.  Yet another reminder that they are growing up.  Boo hoo!!


Sewn With Grace said...

I love this picture! So vintagey!

Dawn Gahan said...

I can only imagine the beautiful image you'd have captured on a real clothesline! Your drying rack is cute though dressed in all those pretty linens.