Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We had some of our most favorite people come up this weekend again to visit us.  We had big plans this weekend.  We were taking ourselves to the beach!  My sissy has sand in her blood and she simply had to go at least one time this summer.  We both had been watching the forecast for days to see what the weather was going to do.  We could not of asked for a better day!  The sun was warm, there was a nice breeze blowing and the clouds were few.  How perfect!  Thank you Lord for that!!  We packed beach towels, cool refreshing drinks, sunscreen, sand toys, magazines to read and a picnic lunch and headed out.

Here is our spot.


A little later in the day more people came in.  It was so fun looking down the shore and seeing all the colored umbrellas in the white sand.  We definitely are going to invest in one of those for our next trip. 


It was fun watching the sailboats go by.  It still blows my mind that this is a lake!  I would just swear it was the ocean minus the sea shells.


Daddy and daughter taking a little dip.  The water was so nice!


I had to snap this photo of my sis and I.


The two younger ones were very busy making sand castles.  My nephew is a pro!  He got rocks and made a little moat for his castle.  Look at the waves coming in behind them.  The sounds the waves made were so relaxing. 


We did have some little visitors come by our beach blankets.  Especially when we were eating. 


Piggies covered with sand.


On our way home, we stopped by a U-Pick blueberry farm.  It was our first time picking our own but my sis and nephew had done it before.  We had a lot of fun doing it.


Can you see the berries on the bushes?  I think the people should of weighed us before we went into the patch and then again as we were leaving and charged us for the ones that "accidentally" got into our tummies while picking.  :)


What we brought home....ready to be frozen for cobblers, pies and muffins.  Yum!


She was a pro blueberry picker.  :)

After the berry farm, we stopped at a famous place for ice cream.  The blue cow greeted us from the road.  We really do love this place. 


No trip to the water is complete without driving by our most favorite house and dreaming that we could live there.  Her hydrangea bushes are absolutely breathtaking!  The colors and size are beyond what I could describe.  We had plans in the car to all move into that house together and combine our incomes.  We think it could work!  Except, my sis does not have a job up here and the house is not for sale.  Oh well......we sure had fun dreaming about it.

The pup who was so happy for us to return home to him.  Do you see my sisters knees?  They got so burnt!  She put sunscreen on but I am not quite sure what happened to it.  They were pretty sore.  Next time we go....more sunscreen!  :)


And lastly, my sis made me this little gift for me with her paper addiction love.  She sells her cute bingo cards in her Etsy shop.  She said it would remind me of our time together at the beach and how much fun we had together as a family.  And that we did.



Big O said...

OH what a wonderful day you had. The kids are getting so grown up. By the way I thought I gave u a beach umbrella? You must have left it behind when you left Illinois. Sissy could use one for those knees!

Sewn With Grace said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all! I'm definitely going to your sisters etsy shop!