Monday, July 12, 2010

Friends, Fun and Awesome Music

We had a fantastic time this past weekend with our friends!  We left Thursday right after I got off work for Cincinnati Ohio to go to Kings Island Theme Park.  We also had tickets while there to see Spirit Song.  A concert with several AMAZING Christian artists that we love.  I have an insane amount of photos on this post...just to warn you.  But, how can I leave anything out?  I wanted to share our fun with you.  Despite the rain we had on Friday off an on...we had a great time.  Are you ready?  Here goes....

Probably the only Eiffel Tower I will ever see...but it was nice!  :)

Some of the smiles we all shared together.  This is before the heat and rain came.  Everyone is still looking fresh.  Man....we were not feeling fresh or looking fresh or smelling fresh by the end of that night.  HA!

Getting ready to climb onto Diamond Back.  Our first coaster of the day.  Now, I am a HUGE fan of coasters.  But this one scared me to death!  Liz said this ride makes you feel like you are going to meet Jesus.  I actually did think I was meeting Him!  I thought for sure I was going to perish on this one.  Needless to say...I only rode it once. 

Miss Lucy posing for me. 

Someone took a little nappie.  I loved how his arm was behind his head.

Here is another one of my famous going-up-the-roller-coaster-self-shot-of-the-people-behind-me shot.  It actually turned out awesome!  They were mostly all smiling for me to!  HAAAAA!!

Liz and I.  We said we looked like we were being squeezed to death by a python snake or something with those things around our necks.  HAAAA!!

Three pretty girls.

Ty had never ridden a BIG roller coaster before.  This was going to be the trip for him.  We encouraged him over and over that he could do it.  We picked a good one for him.  Fast but fun.  I had him pose for the camera for me.  Do you see the sign behind him?  No chickens allowed.  HAAAA!!!!

Here Benji and Ty are ready to climb aboard for Ty's first roller coaster ride.  Needless to say, he loved it.  We created a coaster monster with this fellow!!  He is hooked!!!  Way to go Ty!!!

I love this photo I took of the sweet family we went to see that lives in Ohio.  They are old friends of ours and I happen to think their son is the most precious thing I have ever seen.  I love him so much! 

Ok...this one had a lot of loops and we went on it....upside down and all around.  Wheeeee!!

My hubby showing us what he could do with a football.  He did throw the ball thru the hoop and won a little white animal.  We were not really sure what it was....a dog, a bull....not sure.  I am just thankful it was not one of those four foot tall dogs or monkeys that one of us would have to carry around with us all day long.

Mr. Brandon Heath.  He was fantastic!!

Mr. David Crowder....fantastic and so talented.  He sang to us in the rain in his orange shoes. 

Want to see what they were pointing for me to look at???

A rainbow to the right of the stage!  How funny for God to show us one of His promises while we were all worshiping Him! 

Sing Praise!!  Sing Praise!!  And you know what...God does not care that we did it in ponchos.  :)

Casting Crowns.  Gotta love them!  :) 

The massive crowd...

Saturday we went to the water park for awhile.  It was so hot and the water felt so good.

I enjoyed watching the little pumpkin play and splash about in the kids area.  He loved it!!  I think he is part fish.  :)

We ate lunch at this place.  The guy from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has been there and taped a show there before.  I did not get a picture of the food.  We were all ravished and we had no time for pictures...just eating!

Taking a time out together back at the apartment.  Oh how I love all the people in this room.....

Mr. Chris Tomlin.  Let's just say...he was my favorite.  I love his voice and his songs.  I play them over and over and over and over. 

Mr. Toby Mac.  I really enjoyed him as well.  His music was a bit loud for me.  I can tell I am getting older.  I am not a spring chick anymore and even though the kids were jumping and singing....I needed Tylenol at the end of the night.  :)

Two girls that wish they were sisters.  They had the best time together.  I think they are both cute as can be!

Church on Sunday where we could all worship together one last time.

And lastly, the three amigos.  These boys had a nice time playing together.  It was such a good trip and I am so thankful God blessed us with these people.  My life is so much better with all of them in it.  I am holding onto the memories until we can make more.  Love you guys!! 


Deb said...

You sure had a fun weekend! Casting Crowns, I love them, you lucky gal getting to hear all that great music.

Ali said...

Looks like loads of fun as I knew it would be. Wish we could have gone too.

Big O said...

Nothing like good music and a awsome church family. You guys look like it was a great visit!