Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilting Buddies

I have been frantically lazily enjoying cutting out my fabric for the "Mystery Quilt Class" I am attending this weekend.  I am trying to enjoy the process of the cutting.  So far, I am not doing so well.  I like to get things done.  I tend to focus on the end instead of enjoying the beginning and the middle.  Sigh....  I am working on it though.  While working on my fabric cutting, I looked around this morning and this is what I saw. 

Pup dog at my feet.  She did not even care that my fabric was on top of her.

And, my fuzzy kitty.  He always likes to be where I am.  Even in the middle of my cutting table.  Kind of dangerous with that tail and my rotary cutter.  Eeks!  :)  I have to move him out of my way all the time.  He just loves to get that chocolate brown fur all over whatever it is I am making.  No quilt is complete with out blood, sweat, tears and cat hair.  Right?  (This one already has all four of those ingredients in it.)

And my world....M & M's can be your quilting buddy. 


Kathy said...

I can so/ew relate!! I am great at starting projects but the love for it can rapidly dissipate when the going gets tough! I am glad you found some humor (and chocolate) in it!! God bless!!!

Raul said...

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Sewn With Grace said...

A mystery class is so fun! Your fabric looks so pretty. Have a good time!