Monday, July 5, 2010

Bye Bye Family

We had a fun fun fun 4th of July!  My family made it here safe and sound from Illinois.  We have a tradition for 4th of July.  My sweet mama has always made, for as long as I can remember, carmel corn for us to munch on while we are watching the fireworks light up the sky.  I just can not remember a time when she has not made this tasty treat for us.  My mama has not been feeling well.  So, she did not make our treat this year.  So, what is the oldest girl of the family supposed to do?  Pick up her boots and figure out how to make carmel corn!  And, that is exactly what I did.  Mama was close by so she could supervise.  I was thankful for that.  We started with hot fresh popcorn.  Yum!

Here is the carmel sauce beginning to roll and boil.  I had to let this happen for four minutes without stirring!  That is VERY hard for me.  I am a stirring kind of gal.  But, I let it sit there and let it do its thing without touching it.

After it was done cooking, I quickly poured it over the popcorn.  I had to work quickly and man was that gooey stuff hot!!

Here it is.  Yum!  The kids packaged it up into eight for each of us to take to watch the fireworks.

There was also some of this going on this weekend....cute snoozing pups on their first visit to Michigan to see their Auntie.  :)

Also some of this going on.  Silly self photos with crazy 4th of July shades on. 

And of course the doggie had to try them on.

Then the silly face the young daughter has to do every time she gets her picture taken.

We had some cute tattoos going on as well....

Uncle Sam flying outside my front door.

Another cute pup waiting on family to come see her.  Little did she know BIG cousin doggie was coming to visit.  They did get along rather well.  She only showed him her little old lady pup teeth a couple times.  :)

And lastly, my sweet wonderful guests.  Sissy, Daddy, Mama and nephews.  One not furry and one very furry.  Oh how I love them.  I miss them already.  I will store up our fun in my heart until the next time we can all be together.  I love you dear family!!!  XOXOXO


Deb said...

That carmel corn looks really yummy. I love your doggies too, especially wearing sun glasses!

Dawn Gahan said...

Ok Missy, you just took too cute to boot and kicked it up a notch!

Anonymous said...

hahaha dog with sunglasses - that's awesome!

Gotham said...

i think its a really nice recipe, the popcorn looks yummy. it seems everyone is having fun and enjoying holidays