Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom and Dad

My parents have made it to Michigan for their first trip since we moved up here. We are sooo excited to have them here finally. My mom had her hip replaced so she was not able to travel that long distance until now. But today, they pulled in the driveway and it was such a wonderful site. We are going to have some fun!! There is ice fishing for my daddy on the agenda and eating at Red Robin for a gourmet hamburger. He has never eaten there before. For mom, we are going to play games and maybe even go shopping a bit. I am going to cook for them and pamper them so they can relax! That is the least I can do for them after all they have sacrificed and done for me in my life. :) I had to laugh at this picture of Simon and Mom. My mom is highly allergic to cats and where does my cat decide he wanted to sit this evening???? HA!

And this one is funny as well.  My dad says he does not like dogs.  Hummmmmm.  :)  Even the pets are happy to see Nana and Papa visit us. 


Ali said...

Mom looks drugged and Dad's belly looks full. What are you doing up there in MI?? Hee Hee. Hope all of you have a great time, wish I could be there. Eat a ham-boogie for me at. Yum!

Lonely Sister left back home.

Barb said...

What does your mom do about her allergies? I always worry (obsessively) when allergic people come to visit us.

Honey said...

My mom takes allergy meds so she can tolerate the kitty. I also vacuum like crazy before someone I know is coming over with a kitty allergy and I spray Fabreeze on the couch for allergies just in case. She says it helps her. You have seen my kitty though...tons of hair!!! :)