Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bye Bye Mom and Dad!

My parents were here this weekend for their first visit.  We had such a nice time together!  They left this morning for home.  We did get an extra day with them due to the snow storm that came in.  They got a taste of that lake effect snow thing we got going on up here.  These are some pictures of the fun we had......

Ice fishing.  Only three fish caught.  Bummer!  I think my daughter caught two of them....

Poor Papa got none!  He said he thinks there are no fish in Michigan.  HA!

Breakfast in bed for my mama.

Goodies we found on the way to church Sunday morning.  Yummm!!

Nana and the girls visiting in bed one morning.  Sophie the doggie is up there to.  She loves her Nana!

Papa working on that snow we got.  I actually think the men enjoyed playing for awhile in the snow although I am not sure if they would admit to it or not.

The new toy my husband was finally able to use!  He bought the blower when we moved up here but every time it has snowed, he has been out of town and not able to use it.  Monday was the day he got to fire it up and blow some snow!!

The kids sledding on the mound of snow the snowplow made.  One girl has it figured out....

And one does not.  :)

Face plants in the snow are not fun at all!  I remember this from my own childhood rather clearly!  :)

Sophie sitting by the front door watching all the activity going on outside. 

Taylor thought that her Papa should have this shirt.  His grandkids all call him the Cookie Monster.  Hee Hee!

And lastly, the little snow woman that got built on the deck.  She has button eyes and a beautiful scarf to keep her warm.

And that is it for our visit with mom and dad.  We miss them already!!  


Big O said...

OH What a fun trip we had. Soon Dad can fish on the water. The snow was actually beautiful. Your home was lovely. Of course the cooking was superb.The Church was hudge, The minister was awesome. All in All the trip was perfect..

Barb said...

You're a true Michigander now! Got yourself a serious snowblower. :-)