Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love in the Air

I just love Valentines Day. Love that it means love. Loving one another. Showing love to strangers. Showing love to those who need it (and even those who are hard to love...gulp). And, who doesn't need love? It should actually be celebrated every day...not just February 14th. I am afraid I fail sometimes with this though.

My daughters wanted to take some goodies to school tomorrow to hand out to the people/friends that sit at their lunch table. My oldest daughter has a friend who always comments on her treats I pack for her in her sack lunch. She said she wished her mom packed her things like that. Awwwww! So, tomorrow is the day that little cutie at her table is going to get some lovin from us. What to make...what to make??? I had some left over almond bark in my baking cabinet. I had Oreo's in the cabinet. I had a too cute bottle of red, pink and white sprinkles.......... I've got it!!

Oreo's dipped in melted white chocolate and little happy dots on them!! Now, if I can just get them packaged up and out of here before I loose all self control!!! :)

1 John 4:7
Dear Friends, let us love one another, for loves comes from God......


Big O said...

all the girls will be the Happy with Shelbys goodies. Great Idea... Love is in the air at your house for sure.

Dorenda said...

Shann you are the sweetest! I finally have an account so I can leave you messages. I am on here checking on you all the time! I love your blog!