Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Box

Give a kid a box and who knows what kind of creation will come from it. Our little fake fireplace box has a new purpose. My youngest daughter made it into a "fort" for herself. She covered it with paper then drew pictures on it. It says "The Simon Inn" because the kitty kept going inside it. He loves a good box. After awhile she asked for the tape again. She had more decorations for her fort.

One side has these fellows on it.

Another side has this cutie on it.....

Under his posters she wrote this....I heart Justin Bieber. Is this my 11 year old daughter writing this stuff on her fort?????

Selena and Demi this is better. They are cutie patooties.

The inside has lots of stuff going on. A sweet pup, A Jonas dude, Taylor Swift (another cutie)....

Who is this guy Lucas???? What ever happened to Miley?

Oh, here she is...although she seems to be getting a bit grown up for my tween daughter now. She still can sing crazy good though.

So, that is what happens when an 11 year old gets hold of a big box and a roll of tape and her sisters teen magazines.


Ali said...

Justin BEAVER? He is pretty cute if I were 11 years old. Cute fort Tee-Tee. Colin would like the Miley posters.


Deb said...

That's quite a fort! :)

Big O said...

Wow when you did your fort you sure did it up good. It looks even better than you described. now you need a friend to come visit. I guess Simon did however. He likes places like this. nana