Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear You!

My dear sweet friend Lori is having a birthday on the 31st. We celebrated with the birthday club last night. I was the hostess for the evening. The porch is almost complete. The landscaping will come next. Hope it is all finished in two weeks. This has been the longest project in recorded has to be! :( are some pictures of our evening together for our very special friend.

I must warn you though....there was an awful lot of this type of laughter going on last everyone there. My husband was inside and he asked me after everyone had left what on earth were we laughing so hard at. And my reply was quite simple....."everything!" And if you knew my sweet friend, she laughs like this a lot. Head back....and full of joy.

No birthday is complete without a Happy Birthday banner and balloons. Right?

A cozy little spot to sip coffee and have fellowship with special people......

See my beautiful screen door? I have waited since the beginning of July to see that sweet door. Can you see the twinkle lights I hung up for lighting? They were pretty bright last night. And cute to boot. :)

Some decorations from the evening. Last of the summer flowers. Cozmos.....pretty pretty pretty...

More of God's handiwork. :)

My little mohair bear that came out for the party. After all...she is sporting her party hat.

Simon was the only "boy" that was invited to our little party. He was more interested in the bugs that were taunting him on the screens than us.

My sister, the paper-holic, made this darling little scrapbook for Lori. You can check out the inside on her blog. I want one sissy! Please and thank you! :)

Fun wrapping for the birthday girl.

I looked outside at one point in the evening and saw this. I have a feeling that I will be seeing a lot more of these in the weeks to come while enjoying my outdoor space.

It appears that fall came to Illinois and our little party. It actually just got down right cold! So, instead of going inside the house, I got out all my blankies I have made and snuggled up my friends and sissy nice and snug like little bugs in rugs. It was lovely.

More of the "bugs."

No birthday is complete without a candle to make a wish and blow out on your birthday. And, it appears by the look on her sweet face, she is thinking about how much she is going to enjoy that raspberry cheesecake she is getting ready to indulge in.
Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope your next year on this earth is fantastic!!


Ali said...

As always, it was a wonderful Birthday Club party. You outdid yourself again. I'm sure the neighbors can contest to how loud our laughter was. Fun, Fun!

Stonefox said...

So fun!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog- I needed the "Honey." :)