Monday, August 10, 2009

Church Camp

My youngest daughter just spent the last few days at church camp. She had a fantastic time she said! She took her friend Peyton with her this year. They have been waiting to go to camp together for a couple years. This year they finally made it!

This is the girls bunks. After we got their beds made up, they decided they wanted the bunk beds pushed together so they were sleeping together. I am sure giggling and talking happened a lot while trying to sleep. :) But, isn't that what camp is for when you are with your BFF?

This is the pool at camp. It is a lovely pool. My eldest daughter got baptised in this pool last year. The spiral slide is something that the kids from our church paid for several years ago. The kids were encouraged to bring their change to VBS each night. The money that they raised that week at VBS bought that slide! How cool is that?

And, here are the campers themselves. Taylor, Peyton and Mariah. Mine is on the left in pink and her BFF is in the middle. The cutie in purple is another good friend of my daughters who also became a friend of Peyton's as well. Isn't it great to meet new friends? :)
The girls yacked and yacked for about 20 minutes on the way home....then their motors ran down and it was very quiet in the back seat.
My hope is that she learned a little bit more about Jesus than she already knew. I hope that her heart grew for Him. I hope she heard how much He loved her this week. I hope she is closer to making a decision for Him in her life.

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