Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicago Fun

We took the kids to Chicago this weekend for their last hurrah before school began again. We planned the trip up there because of this. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans around here. A friend of mine told me about it and we knew it was something we just had to do. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! If you or someone you know loves Harry, Ron and Herminie.....go see it. You won't be disappointed! :)

This was our first stop along the way up to Chicago. Can you tell where we are? We stopped for lunch and got some candy......because it was the girls trip..... sweets were a must!

A nice frosty mug of Root Beer with a smiley face my daughter drew on it.

Daddy and daughter.....

Mama and daughter.......

Two cuties rocking on the porch.

We could not take pictures in the exhibit. We were soooo bummed! This was the only prop we could take a photo of. The flying car. Had to of been before the Whomping Willow got hold of her. Hee hee....

Smile girls....Harry sat in that car!!!!!

Big banner in the museum for the event.

Having some chocolate chip mint ice cream at the little ice cream parlor. Yum!

She totally did not want me to take her picture eating her cone...nor did she want to share with me either...but she did. I just love chocolate ice cream.

After the museum, we headed to down town Chicago. We were on Lakeshore Drive and drove past Lake Michigan. We saw all the pretty sail boats in the water. How lovely......

We stopped (probably for the last time...Boo Hoo!!!) at the American Girl Store. We have spent a lot of money in this store over the years on babies and clothes and books and games and movies and craft things. My baby is growing up and she won't want anything from here for much longer. Makes me sad and glad at the same time.

While walking back to our hotel, we heard this fellow playing his sax for us. So, we stopped and listened to him play. Not bad! He was playing the theme from The Flintstones. How funny!!

The skyline from our hotel window. Don't see this view from where we are from...that is for sure.

Since it was a kids weekend, we listened to the Disney Channel the entire time. After awhile, I found myself singing along. That Miley can sing!! :)

And lastly, I leave you with our silly family. I took this picture cruising down the highway on our way home. You can not see the back of the vehicle full of bags from Aeropostale and Disney and Justice and Target. Clothes for the girls for back to school which begins on Wednesday. We had a nice time together but there really is no place like home, is there? ;)

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traci said...

what a fun little getaway. i heard the harry potter exhibit was great. isn't chicago fun. so much to do.