Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sophie's Throne

This is our baby Sophie. She is an old old doggie. She can not really see well anymore...nor can she hear well either. At times, I think she is totally deaf and blind! She had a doggie bed that had seen better I threw it away. I thought our old girl needed a posh bed...soft and big for her to sleep on...since that is what she does most of her days. And, since I am on a sewing roll (yeah for me!) I made her a Posh Pooch bed. It is pink of course! :) It took her a few days to find it but now she climbs up on it very easily. When I am looking for the old gal....I can usually find her...snuggled into her new bed....probably dreaming of those nasty squirrels that keep pestering her. :)

1 comment:

Ali said...

Oh Sophie look so cute on your pink bed. Even if you can't see how cute the bed is, since you are as blind as a bat.