Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School!

Well, it is official. School in our little town has begun. Tomorrow is their first full day. They went until 10:30 this morning. My friend Lori's mom called today a "tease" for us mamas. :) Lori and I did enjoy a nice hot (I burned my tongue and it is still numb) cup of coffee and some fun time shopping at our little Amish community close by while they were in school. I do love love love her company and friendship! :)

I wanted to show you my daughters composition notebook that we made prettier last night. She did not like the plain black ones and we were pressed for time to find something else. So, I told her I had some paper at home that we could cut out some squares and make it pretty that way. I did not think she would go for that since she shall I put this....high maintenance. Ahem. But she did. We put clear packing tape over it to keep the paper from riping off as she uses it. It did turn out rather cute.

And here they are....ta da!!!

I wanted to show you a picture of them with their new book bags we picked up in Chicago last weekend. It blows my mind that I have an 8th grade student and a 6th grade student. OH MY LAND!! Time goes by quickly just like everyone told me it would...except I never believed them.

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