Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break. Kids home. Lots to do. Mama is ready for kids to go back to school for a bit. Phew. It was a long week. We packed in a lot while we went home to Illinois. First on the list was getting our teeth cleaned. Our youngest daughter is getting ready for some orthodontic work to begin. We needed clean choppers for that to start. There are dentists in Michigan, I am sure. But none as good as the one I know back home. My old co-workers would say that I was trying to get brownie points with my old boss by saying that....but I am no longer his employee now. :) I am saying it because I really really mean it.

I am happy to report that both girls were cavity free. The only one who got a beautiful white new filling was me! Ugh. The problem with getting fillings is that I know to much about them. I knew what was coming every step of the way. That can be fantastic if you are a dental assistant and the doctor is waiting on you to hand him what he needs. But, when you are the victim patient it is bad because you know what they are up to. :)

After our teeth cleaning, it was time for the beauty shop. My mom has retired from doing hair. But, she still will cut ours occasionally. Her arms are not working like they should so it is hard for her to lift them. So, we improvised. She sat on a stool up high and my daughter sat on a cooler from the garage where she was down low.

My mother said this was a first for her. She had never ever cut hair on a cooler before. :)

We also watched some of the basketball playoffs while we were home. We just had to root for Michigan State. They won the game while we were home...but lost last night.

My daddy would have coffee made for my mama and I each morning while we were home. He is just the best. My mama is very lucky to have him.

Do you know what this little tuff of fluff is??? Here comes Peter Cottontail. This time of year is always fun at my parents house. Can you keep a secret? My dad is the Easter Bunny. Yes, really he is! I am not really sure how long he has been our towns Easter Bunny. My children have never known another bunny but their beloved Papa.

Here he is! Isn't he just the cutest thing? :) He was going out to the local nursing homes to visit the residents and to take them some treats. Some of the residents can not have candy, so he takes them bananas instead. They LOVE it when he comes to see them. Only once has he been chased out of someones room with a cane. I still crack up at that story every single times he tells it.

We also played some games while we were at Nana and Papa's house.

And, my sister and I went to our little antique shop and I found this little refrigerator while we were out. She is a bit weathered, but I have big plans for her none the less.

Let's peek inside. Isn't that just the cutest thing.

And lastly, I got to have a cup of coffee at my sweet friends house while we were home. Any time I get to share with her is honey to my soul. Can you see that sweet secretary that is behind us? I love that piece of furniture. Is it wrong to scheme and plot to take your dearest friends antique secretary while she is not looking? Just wondering. :)

And, that is it. I got to see a whole bunch of people that I love and miss on our little trip home. Got to spend some quality time with my parents and sister. Got to get my teeth all pretty (thanks Debbie!) and my chipped tooth fixed (thanks Dorenda and George!) and got to spend time with my dear friend Lori. Life is good! :)

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