Saturday, April 10, 2010

Much Better

Home Depot had some pretty things out yesterday. I tried really hard to ignore them...I really did. But, the top ones are called English Daisy's. I mean, daisy's are my favorite flower and pink is my most favorite what's a girl to do?

And pansies are nice to! Purple and yellow and burgundy colors on my deck. So much better than the white stuff I showed you the other day. Right? :)

Ah Spring.....I can not wait for your arrival. Flowers and flowers and flowers! Please hurry!


Deb said...

Pansies are my favourite flower. I have many other favs too!

Big O said...

Yep I was wondering how long it was going to be before that Green Thumb of yours was going to itch...You sure are your momma daughter. Luv You