Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter was a fun day for us this year. Most importantly, we celebrated as a family what Easter really is for Christians. We believe that Jesus lives!! We believe that He rose from the dead!! How amazing is that???? I can not think of a better thing than that. Not even a BIG chocolate bunny can compare to that. Two of the kiddos woke up early to see what was in their baskets. The other one grunted from her bed when she was told to get up by her younger sister. She was not that excited to awake and see what she got. I guess when you are 14...that happens.

My sissy brought up a bunch of eggs that we filled with coins and candy. My hubby hid them all over the downstairs for them to find when they got up. He did a fantastic job at hiding them to!

My kitty looks wild with his red eyes....but he was part of the celebration as well.

Nana and Papa left sugarless bubble gum wrapped in money for the kids. They were thrilled with that!! And, I was excited that something they got today was sugarless for their teeth!!

My sissy had to have a little treat from the Easter Bunny as well. I found this adorable chick for her and a yummy chocolate bunny. I put it on her bed so she could find it when she went back into her room. She loved it.

We made the kids wait at the top of the stairs until all us adults were seated and had cameras ready and our hot steaming coffee in our hands. Then we let them come down and the candy frenzy began!!

She was the first one to have peanut butter eggs stuffed into her mouth. This girl loves her chocolate.

Taylor cleaning out her eggs and counting her coins.

My sweet nephew was also here to celebrate with us. It was fun to see a boys basket. He got a movie and a cool muscle shirt and candy and a ball that bounces 75 feet in the air. He also got a Nerf gun that was really cool as well.

Easter is over. Our house was filled with loved ones. We made more memories to store up in our hearts until the next time we can all be together. Happy Easter!!

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Ali said...

I think Simon was a bit dazed and confused in that picture. He was probably saying "Everyone GET out of my house"! :)

Loved being with you at Easter.