Monday, April 19, 2010

The Big Reveal

Well, I am finally done enough with the kitchen to show you what we have been up to. Still a few things to complete. The new pendant lights for above the sink have not showed up yet and the kitchen sink had a little issue...but soon it will be put in with the new faucet. Let's take a quick look back to where we started....

Here is the before. Dark dark dark! Builders cabinets. No handles. Nice...but not me. This is me!

TA DA!!!!

Here is the kitchen sink and faucet....still in their boxes. Soon they will be in. I was going with a farmhouse look. Because that is me. White, bead board, milk glass lights, big kitchen sink, tin backs plash and wide window sill for sitting pies to cool when they come out of the oven. Or, maybe for my furry kitty to sit upon and gaze outside.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen. I would make you a cup of coffee if you came by and chances are you could have a soft warm cookie to go with it. :)


Ali said...

Oh I love it and I WANT that screen door. I didn't know you were getting that!! Can't wait to see it in person Friday.

Love it all.


Barb said...

So, so pretty! Nice job. Did you have them painted or did you do it yourselves? I love all of the details you added: crown molding, the nooks and crannies above some of the cupboards, and the bead board. Wonderfully done.

Deb said...

Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I love everything in it.

Freckled Hen said...

Wow! Your kitchen is lovely. I have dreamed of a white kitchen my whole life. Yours is perfect...and I love the screened door.
Thanks for visiting my blog--your comment made me smile.