Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Good.....

My friends and sis came up this weekend for a visit. We were supposed to have one more but her son broke his nose playing baseball and she had to stay home. We were all sorry that she could not join us. We missed her!

I thought it might be fun to go see Lake Michigan and go to a sweet little beach town to shop in some of their little stores and drink coffee and just visit and laugh and enjoy each other. The rain held off until our drive home. Yeah!! :)

We saw a sweet little sign about friends that was cute....

We went to a greenhouse in my little town that took our breath away when we walked in! There was color color color everywhere our eyes could see. It was amazing! We talked about how God could come up with all those different colors for our enjoyment.

We stopped on the beach to see the water and the lighthouse. The sand looked so inviting. We told it we would come back to play another day when the impending rain was not hovering over our heads and the weather was a bit warmer....say 30 degrees or so. :)

As usual, our time together goes by so quickly. I am thankful that these dear gals drove the four hours up to see me. I miss them. Someone asked me if I missed my home town. The answer I gave them, rather quickly, was "No, I don't." Now, if you ask me do I miss some of the people in my home town my answer would be completely different. God had revealed something to me these past few months. Some people have come into my life for a reason. If only to bring me joy and laughter and compassion and strength when I am so very weak. This group of ladies have brought all these things to me. For however long they are in my life, I am so very thankful. I found this song and I thought it was perfect for my friends. All of them.

(you will have to pause my playlist on the side to listen)

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