Monday, April 26, 2010

Sparkly Smile

Today was the big day. The one I knew was coming. The one my daughter was looking forward to. The one my husband did not want to come since they are soooooo expensive. :)

Braces Day!! This is her before......

And here is her afters. How pretty! :) She went with pink and orange. She already has her colors picked out for the next time. Now that is being organized if I have ever seen it.

So far so good. She is still pleased with them and happy she got them. She is brushing her teeth after every bite she puts in her mouth. (Wonder how long that will last.) She has only taken Tylenol one time. Yeah for her! :)


Ali said...

Gooooo Tee-Tee! Nanny is proud of you!

Cody Zieba said...

Taylor’s got a killer smile, Shann! It’s perfect! And I’m happy that she’s taking good care of her teeth. I’m curious, though - did her orthodontist advise her to wear retainers after the braces? That’s usually the case to make sure that the teeth settle firmly into their new positions.

Cody Zieba