Sunday, January 17, 2010

Many Many Rolls

I bought this cookbook by the Pioneer Woman under, you could say, peer pressure. Lots of the ladies blogs that I read raved on and on about her cookbook. I decided that I could not ignore the wonderful comments any longer and went out to my local Barnes and Noble and bought it. I had read her blog several times and knew that she was a funny and sweet person. You can just tell by her writings. I had company come up this weekend from Illinois. My sister, my nephew, my dear friend Lori and her two children. In honor of their visit, I wanted to make something special for them for one of the breakfasts that we would share together. So, I decided on her cinnamon roll recipe. There was just one problem with the recipe. I was afraid of this one ingredient....really afraid.......

Yeast!!! I have only tired cooking with this a couple times in my baking career and both times it flopped. So, I swore off of yeast for the rest of my life. Until I bought this cookbook.

I gathered up my supplies and decided that I was not going to be scared and I was just going to do it. After all, if it failed, there is always Pillsbury. Right? So, here is everything mixed up rising in the bowl. So far so good. The smell of yeast is really lovely, isn't it?

Ok, so far so good. Looked like her pictures in the book. Any time I get to use my antique rolling pin is good.

All rolled out and butter, cinnamon and sugar in place. Ready to roll up into the log.

Cut from the log into little cinnamon roll shapes. Ok, now that I look at the picture, that one on the lower left row looks a bit odd.

Here is the little sample pan I made to try out before my guests came. I had to know if it really did work. :)
Nope! Happy to report that my guest and family loved them. It actually worked!! I conquered the yeast! At least on this recipe. As for the cookbook, it is absolutely wonderful. There are so many recipes I am ready to try out. And, my sister and friend are going to buy their own cookbooks now. One thing with the roll many of these little cuties and there will be some added rolls on me as well. Like I need that! ;)
(P.S.The cobbler recipe was incredible as well....we substituted blueberries for blackberries and it was gobbled up by even the non blueberry lovers in the group!)

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Anonymous said...

I giggled when I read about your fear of yeast. I felt the same way you did until I was in my mid-30s. It's a wonderful ingredient once you get the hang of it. Now, at 40 years old, I make bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, you name it. You go girl!