Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Many Faces of Simon

Simon is my first kitty. We have had him for almost seven years. He still, to this day, cracks me up. I can find him doing the silliest things. For instance, this pose he has....

He likes to prop himself up against the walls of the house. Why does he do this? Who knows. I guess just because he wants to is a good enough reason for him. I can walk into any room or closet in the house and find him at various times just sitting like this. (Um...don't look at the dust on my hardwood floors. K?)

This face is watching the snow fall. He likes to keep an eye on things.

Here is a wacky one. He likes to curl up in the bathroom sinks and sleep. Why?????? Hope there isn't any toothpaste left in the bottom of the sink. Icky!! Toothpaste and beautiful fluffy chocolate brown fur do not mix!

Lastly, he likes to use the toddler rocking chair we have as his perch for bird watching. He sits in the chair and stares out the window at his bird friends eating their breakfast. They don't even care that he is there. He, of course, does not believe this to be true.

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