Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grandma turns 98 years old!

We made it back home from our weekend with my family for my Grandma's birthday. This special lady turned 98 years old today!! I don't even think she can believe she is that old. :) We had a nice time together at her party. My sissy took this picture of Grandma and I together in her room. I love it! Remember that I told you she was recovering from a very very bad fall about 10 days ago and we thought we just might lose her? She got well enough that she wanted a party and her strawberry ice cream she asked for.

I have never in my life made ice cream when there was snow on the ground. Ever! But, the birthday girl said she wanted ice cream and it is not every day that you turn I made it for her.

We also made strawberry cupcakes for her. Only two candles were used because we did not want the nursing homes fire alarms to go off.

I just love this picture of my mama and my oldest daughter. I bet my mom is going to like it as well when she sees it. Right mom? :)

Lastly, my daughter and her great grandma. Not everyone gets to say that they have a great grandma, do they? We had a very fun day and we are all very thankful that we could celebrate a very special day with someone who is oh so special to us.


Big O said...

Great pictures that show what God has let us keep a little longer.

Dawn Gahan said...

I will keep her in my prayers. I have a grandmother, great grandmother to my daughter, who is so old and fragile. Makes me think of keepsakes dear to us that we cherish and embrace frequently to bring us back to a happy place. You all are doing a wonderful job of loving-up on her. At 98, she's earned it.

Love and prayers,