Thursday, January 14, 2010

Florida Love

My auntie and uncle leave the cold Midwest each winter and head south to Florida to warmer weather. Lucky ducks! She likes to kid me by asking how much snow we have up here. Then she proceeds to tell me how many rounds of golf they have played that day. Ahhh, to be retired. Someday maybe I will make it to that season of life.
She surprised us by sending some yummy orange love from Florida. We got our box in the mail the other day. These oranges are so sweet and juicy! You could really use a bib when eating one.

The Fed Ex truck pulled up and the driver left them on our front porch. Usually she rings the bell to alert us that we have a package. This time, however, she did not ring. I think she was hoping that if she did not ring and she made her way around the neighborhood and the oranges were still there on her way back by, she would just HAVE to pick them back up and take them home with her.
Just a hunch. :)

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