Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Go to jail....go directly to jail

I have been away for awhile. Not because I wanted to but because I was a sick girl! Although I just realized that by the title of this post, it may appear that I was in jail. That was NOT the case! HA! While sick, my youngest daughter wanted me to play a game with her. She was bored! Her older sister was at a band contest at school so she only had me to play with. I told her in my over-the-counter drugged state of Tylenol cold/flu medicine stupor, to pick out a game that was easy to play. This is what she came back with.

Sponge Bob Monopoly. Does this look like an easy game to you? I think not. But, it was fun after we got started. We were buying up pineapples and Crusty Crab's like you would not believe! HA! This is who I chose to be.....

Sandy the squirrel. And, Taylor chose him......

Sponge Bob! The man himself. Or whatever the heck he is. :)

It was a good game. She let me stop for awhile and take a nap. Which was much needed. Then back to playing. She won the game because I had to pay the barnacle tax about 10,000 times!

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Ali said...

I'll take a crabby patty, small fry and a frozen go.