Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boyz in the house

My sister is renovating her only bathroom at her house. So, she and my nephew have moved in with me for a few days. My nephew brought over a few of his toys to play with while he was here with us. GI Joe's is what he brought. While playing with them yesterday, Joe's snap fell off his Army jacket. So, he asked his Auntie to sew it back on. Since he knows that I love to do that stuff.

Here is his jacket all repaired.

This mama is not used to having camo stuff in the house. :) I walked into the bedroom where my youngest daughter and nephew were playing. And this is some of what I saw.....

1. Getting all the kids dressed and Joe's lady friend, Barbie.

2. Barbie's super kitchen with her stack able washer and dryer in a fun color!

3. Joe leaving his pants, shoes, liter of pop and pistol laying on the floor. Typical! (Wink!)

4. Lastly, the happy couple themselves! They were dressed up "to go out" or so I was told. And, when I left the room.....I overheard my nephew tell my daughter that Joe was going to propose tonight to Barbie. Ahhhh how sweet!

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