Saturday, March 21, 2009

All my eggs in one basket

I have been spending too much time on others blogs looking at all the pretties that everyone else is making and I made myself do something about that! I found a tutorial for some fabric Easter eggs. I thought they were so cute. Got mine finished up just now. Although, mine look more like Easter balls or Easter hackysack thing-a-ma-jiggers. Sigh..... I thought if I put some Easter grass in my little antique colander they would look more like eggs. Right?


Dawn said...

Very Cute!

Ali said...

I love your EGGS and would proudly show them in my home. So feel free to share.

Your loving, and only, sister.

Big O said...

Where's Mine? I got a table runner last year when you were doing your thing...Big grin...Love you BigO

Dawn Gahan said...

Anything made out of little scraps of fabric is adorable. If these are meant to be eggs, then eggs they are!!