Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

My nephew went to his first major league base ball game on Saturday. It was a hit!! He told me he loved it and wanted to go again! Remember I told you it was a birthday present for my dad to go to the game.....but my husband and our worship minister and nephew went along for fun too.

Here they all are.....the two Cubs fans on the left and the two Cardinal fans on the right. The Cardinals won. Bad for Dad and Benji....good for Hubby and nephew. They told me that a good time was still had by all anyway. My husband took the camera and these are a few pictures he took of their day. I was impressed! So was my sissy. :) Oh...and a player threw a baseball at Colin, to keep, while practicing...he told me it was grass stained and dirty. Authentic!!! Yippee!!

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Ali said...

Oh I love my little Cardinal fan, even if he has the wrong baseball blood in him. Thank you Uncle for a great present.