Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is my dad. Sunday we celebrated his 69th birthday. He does not act like he is 69 years old. More like 29 years old. He is extremely active. He has coffee everyday at the coffee shop with all his buddies. I can only imagine the conversations that those men have. And they say women are the gossips. HA!

He loves to fish, as you can see from the photo. He also loves the Chicago Cubs. My husband has gotten him a ticket to the Cub/Cardinal game this weekend for his birthday. Our worship minister is also a Cubs fan. He will be going with them. My nephew will also be going with them. This is his first major league ball game. He is a Cardinal fan like my husband. So, the four of them will be leaving bright and early on Saturday morning for St. Louis to see the game in the afternoon. Can I just say all four of them are giddy with excitement????? I don't know who is the real kid in this scenario...the real kid (my 10 year old nephew) or the 69 year old man. You be the judge from this picture. Hee hee!

My dad is the type of person that if you needed a shirt, he would take his off and give it to you. My dad is a very hard worker. Everything he has he earned with his own two hands. He has had some hard knocks in his life. Oh how I wish he and my mother had not had hard times. But they are better people for them I believe. My daddy (and mama) have shown me how to work hard and be kind and have fun. Good things to teach your kids!

I wish I could have a hidden camera this weekend so I could see all the fun the boys will have at the ball game. Memories will be made for all of them. Good memories. I hope foul balls come their way and the peanuts are never ending and the sun is not in their eyes and the soda is cold and refreshing. :)

Oh how I love my daddy!!

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