Friday, September 5, 2008


Ahh..the simple life. I live in a small town. We are close to an Amish community. My mother and I went there today to visit some of their shops. We stopped at a fabric store. I could not believe all the fabric they had! I need to come up with more projects so I can go back! We stopped at the salvage store and got some really good deals on produce and other things. We stopped at a fruit barn and bought fresh gala apples, fresh sweet peaches, candy onions (how can an onion taste like candy I ask?) and a fresh zucchini. Yum! There is just something about buying fresh fruits and vegetables that makes a mama and wife feel good. You know? :) Next we stopped at a bulk foods store/bakery and bought some homemade yummies. My daughter is having five friends over tomorrow for her 13th birthday party and we are going to make chocolate fondue so I got the goodies to dunk in the chocolate there. Like homemade angel food cake. Oh my!
The weather here is changing. I could actually feel fall today. Fall is my favorite season and I am so ready. I got married in the fall and had a baby in the fall. It was spitting rain today while we were out and the corn is changing to brown. All signs that this season is passing and another one is coming. Wonder what it will bring for me and you?

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