Friday, September 5, 2008

How do you take yours?

I am a HUGE coffee lover. I have my friend Darla to blame for that. At first I started drinking it when I was around her only. Then I started drinking it when I was alone. Now, I drink it two times a day....morning and 3:00 sharp. :) I take mine with half and half (just a splash) and a small scoop of raw sugar. You know, the brown stuff made in Hawaii. Yum! I used to make my coffee rather weak...but now it will put hair on your chest. Seriously. I can not take it black. Still not tough enough for that. I also love it in my pink mug (my favorite color) I got from Starbucks this spring. Notice the little sugar bowl? It is one of my many Mary Engelbreit items I own. My husband dropped the little lid one day and it broke in two! I quickly super-glued it back together. It looks a little worn...but it is still one of my favorite things. :)
The other photo is my front porch. If you were here with me, I would make you a cup of joe and we would sit out here and visit. My friends and neighbors have sat out here with me many, many times and done just that. Drink a cup of warm, sugary, brown happiness and rock together while solving all the problems of the world together. Or so it seems.....

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