Monday, January 31, 2011

My sweet far away girl.....

Have you ever heard of Compassion?  It is a wonderful Christian organization who helps children who are living in poverty.  I mentioned before that I had a boy from Indonesia that I sponsor.  There is also a sweet 7 year old girl from the Philippines that also calls me Mama Shann.  I have been her sponsor for a couple years now.  She is the most beautiful dark haired, brown eyed, precious girl with the sweetest smile.  Her mother writes to me and tells me what Naomi is doing at the Compassion site and also what is going on in their lives.  Naomi will write something to me on the letter as well.  It is usually a bible verse she is learning or she draws me a picture.  And, lately she has been telling me that she loves me.  Only God could bring a 43 year old woman from the United States together with a 7 year old girl in the Philippines with His love.

While making my Valentines Day banners, I thought about making something for my girl.  I made this little felt heart with her name on it and a flower.  I also know that my girls favorite color is pink!  So is mine. 

 Here is the back.  I chose a brown haired, brown skinned princess.....just like her.

I have been involved with Compassion for eight years now.  It has changed me for the better.  If you have not checked them out before, I encourage you to please do so.  But I must warn just might be forever changed.

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