Monday, January 10, 2011

Got My Groove Back

I have been in a funk since the holidays were over.  Have not even wanted to make anything or do a project.  Not sure what was up with that.  But, thankfully that left as quickly as it came and I decided to make some things recently.  Yee Haw!!

 This was my first ever attempt at making bread.  It actually worked!!  Yeast and I have not always gotten along...but I overcame my fear and decided to just do it!!  (Don't mind the ravine in the middle of the bread.  That was me testing to see if it was done...and a piece or two may have ended up in my mouth whilst checking.)

We also have a new family moving across the street from us any day now.  The lady of the house just delivered their first child, a girl.  So, we will be having a very tiny new neighbor moving in as well.  I thought I would make something for the wee one.  A baby blankie was born at my house today.

 This picture is for my sister.  I wanted to show her that even "experienced seamstresses" (I am using that term very very loosely here referring to myself) have machines that sometimes bite.  Just like her little machine did to her.

One little baby blankie that is ever so soft.  Soft buttery flannel on one side and soft mint green cotton on the other.  With Warm and Natural Cotton Batting in between.  That should keep my newest little neighbor comfy and warm this winter in her new world.

It feels good to have my groove back.  Now what else can I make?  :)


Sewn With Grace said...

Love it all (except that finger in the midde of the post!). The bread looks yummy and the blanket is absolutely precious! What a great job!

notes of sincerity said...

Good Morning. :o)
Those funks that creep up can be stinkers can't they? I am glad you are feeling better and oh my goodness, what a darling little blanket you created for your new little neighbor. :o) What a delight it will be when they receive it. :o)
I bake bread on a regular basis and I still get in a wrestling match with yeast from time to time. :o) The first thing I thought of when I saw your loaf (by the ways it is beautiful!) is the middle would be the perfect place for some butter! :o)
Have a wonderful day.
Sincerely, Trish
ps. We have the same crock! :o) I got mine at Target. :o)

Dawn Gahan said...

Man, girl, when you get out of a funk, you produce! Bread, blanket . . . the groove is back!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Glad you got your groove back and baked some bread too! Mine groove is thinking about it...

Kathy said...

Your bread looks yummy! There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh bread. I love the appliqued flowers on the blanket; it's so cute! I just saw that silky flannel in the store and wondered which side was the "right" side as they both were lovely. So thoughtful of you to bless your new little neighbor!