Monday, September 6, 2010

So Long Summer

Well, it is officially over for me.  Summer 2010.  My first official Summer living in Michigan.  It was a lovely summer with the weather.  Not very many 90 degree days like I am used to in my old place.  Also, not many 100% heat index days like my old place.  Can't say I missed that stuff!  

My sister and nephew and big lovable doggie came up for the weekend to bid summer good-bye with us.  Want to see some of the fun we had?  OK, I'll show you.  :)

We started off with Oatmeal Bake for breakfast with some of our lovely Michigan blueberries that are in my freezer all ready to be eaten this winter.  I hope I have enough to last until next summer when we can pick them all over again.

We went to the downtown farmers market to show my sissy all the wonderful foods they have there.  We got some tomatoes for roasting.  I thought these little yellow pear shaped ones were fun.  And, they were very sweet!  Yum!

Oh dear was this bread good.  Cheese herb bread with onion, tomato and pepper.  The smell was divine!

Fresh sweet peaches.

A sweet tiny set of glass vases that were attached together with wire.  Very cute.  Can you see the daisy I put in there?  After all...daisies are my most favorite flower.  :)

Whoopie pies.  Um...these did not stay around long.

The tomatoes all ready to be roasted.  They are all decked out with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and Kosher salt.  Oh yum.

Our kiddos on the sand dunes in Saugatuck Michigan.  Our first time there.  It was so nice and the shops were wonderful.  Next time we will go with no kids.  They just don't appreciate shopping when they know there is sand to be buried in!  :)

My sissy and I on the beach. 

Two little clams playing in the sand.

I have no idea how this girl of mine could stand to put her feet in that water.  It was so cold when I tried it.  And, there were people actually swimming in it!  Makes me shiver just sitting here! 

It was a very windy day and there were plenty of kites flying on the beach.

Crashing waves.  Oh the was lovely.  Wish I could of taken a nap laying in the warm sand.  How wonderful would that of been???  :)

Good bye sand.  I enjoyed my time with you this summer.  Although, it is never enough.  I will look forward to your soft warm self next year.  Thanks for making my feet so smooth this year.  :)

I must let you hear the sounds I did this weekend.  Maybe we could just put this on replay and take ourselves a little nap while listening to it.  Just a thought.  :)

Tonight we fired up the grill to have ourselves a little smore before school starts tomorrow.  I was hoping that it would take care of some of the butterflies that are in the kids tummies.  I think it may of worked for a little while.  I have one going to high school tomorrow for the first time.  She is scared to say the least.  I know she will be just fine.  Younger daughter will be in 7th grade.  She is a bit worried as well.  There are new clothes laid out on their floors all ready for the first day.  School supplies ready.  We are set.  Here we come Fall.  Thanks again Summer for being so wonderful to us.  Love, Us  XOXOXO

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