Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Friends

Our dear friends from Ohio came last weekend for their first visit to Michigan.  We were so looking forward to spending time with them again.  Our weekend was full of food, laughing, catching up, food, bubble blowing, church, food and smiles.  Did you catch the food theme?  :)  Here they are frying pickles for our rib dinner.

Liz got the recipe off of the Food Network website.  We dipped them in ranch dressing.  Oh my were they tasty.

Shelby and Elijah blowing bubbles.  We did this a lot with him.  He love them!  He would laugh and say "Oh big!" when we would blow them for him.  Goodness, do I love this little fellow.

The men were taking care of the ribs on the grill.  Can you smell them?  :)

More cuteness from our little visitor.

He and I would spend time on the computer looking at You Tube clips of Playhouse Disney and Sesame Street (my favorite.)


I was introduced to this show.  Handy Mandy.  It was very cute.  And, I got a little lesson speaking Spanish as well. 

The guys like the show Diners Drive Ins and Dives.  My hubby thought he would do some research for their trip up to see us and see if there was a place Guy had visited close to us.  It was a very rainy cold day...but we set out to find....

this place.  Joe's Gizzard City.  Yes, their speciality was gizzards.  Um...yuckie!  I did not have any.



The men had the "triple D" burger.  Can you see that this thing was deep fried...bun and all?????  I told them their arteries were screaming out for help after eating this thing! 

Can you tell what this is?  It is a deep fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  Sounds gross, but golly was it yummy.  One was enough for me.  I think this place was know for it's batter.  :)

We went bowling while they were here and had a lot of fun.  Laughed and laughed with each other.

Spent more time looking at this little cutie patootie......

And playing peek a boo in the car on the way to church.  Fun fun times with dear people.  

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