Monday, September 20, 2010

My Sweet Gal is 15!

My oldest daughter turned 15 on the day our company arrived.  My sister informed me that I did not put any pictures of the big day on here yet.  Whoops!!  She wanted to open her gifts early before school.  You can see the clock.  6:43 a.m. and she was ripping them open!  :)

Cute new shoes for school....

The birthday person gets to choose whatever they would like to eat for their birthday supper.  She chose the same thing she did last year....fired chicken (she likes legs), mashed potatoes and white gravy and corn.  She also requested an ice cream cake for her treat.   Here the food is all laid out to be devoured.

Our friends bought her this to cute hat!  Doesn't she look darling in it?  I have bad hair.  Mine would never ever look that cute in it.

I have seen these little cake banners on other ladies blogs.  I did not have the smaller wooden sticks like they did, so I just used pop sickle sticks for hers.  It worked just fine.  And, she was happy with the Oreo Cookie Concrete Cake from Culver's.  It was really good. 

She and our little house guest getting sung to and getting ready to blow out the candles.  I don't think he knew what to expect with the singing and fire on the cake.  She blew out every candle.  I hope her wishes come true this year.  I love you sweet girl!!  Mama

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Ali said...

Boo-hoo....I do not like being here while she was there celebrating. I want that banner on my b-day cake too. :)

Love the hat Sissy!