Monday, October 26, 2009

Our New Home

Phew!! This has been a loooooong couple of weeks. We got our house contract signed and to the lawyers office...we lost a house due to the sellers bank not moving very quickly on their short sale (would not recommend getting involved in a transaction like that unless you have a lot of time to wait-which we did not), we made another record fast trip to Michigan this weekend to buy a house (or else!) and we did just that! Here she is! We are very happy with her. Especially my husband. This is our first brand new home. I am really looking forward to making her just our style and making her our home. We close on our old home on November 25th-the day before Thanksgiving. And we close on our new home on November 30th. We will stay with my family for Thanksgiving and a few days after. It is amazing how much finding a home can lift ones spirits. :) God provided a lovely home for us and for that....we are very very thankful!!


Dawn Gahan said...

I love her! (A house with a front porch, I do believe, is always a "she.") Keep us posted on all that you soto turn a house into a home!



Barb said...

She's pretty! Welcome to Michigan. I hope you will like it here. I'm sure you don't want to give out your exact location on the Internet, but will you be in the east, west, north or south part of Michigan? I am on the "west coast" and like it very much. We get a lot of snow, but we do have Lake MI to make up for it. :-)