Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off we go.....

My girlfriend Lori and I started a tradition ten years ago. We were mothers of very young children and we thought we needed a get away. So, we scheduled our first Christmas shopping trip. Her youngest was six months old....mine was one year old. We started going for just one night...but quickly decided that we needed two nights away! :) This weekend is our anniversary. We are going to Indianapolis to shop for our families and friends. This year is more important to me now than ever before. I am moving in 22 days. I am going to cherish every single minute with her this trip. Not that I have not in years past....but this year is even more precious to me. I foresee lots of giggling and Starbucks and Advil for our sore hips and fun. The Advil is something new we just picked up a couple years ago due to our....ahem.....aging. And a few Auntie Anne pretzels for old times sake. :)

We leave in the morning after the kids get dropped off at school and we won't be home until Sunday afternoon some time. We are going to have a great time!!

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Ali said...

Oh have fun you two ladies. Before long if you keep going with this shopping trip, you'll both look like those two ladies in the picture. Talk to you from St Louis!

Love you