Friday, March 6, 2009

Hodge Podge Post

This is going to be one wacky post. Lots to tell you about my last two days. First, I went to the little Amish community by my little town and bought some fabric for a blanket my youngest daughter has been wanting me to make her. Cats is what she wanted. Cats is what she is getting. I guess I am kind of famous with my friends and my friends kids for the blankets I make. They are nothing elaborate or special....just made with love I guess for whom ever the recipient is. One side I use cotton. The other side, I use soft flannel. In the middle I use soft cotton batting. Then, I tie quilt it all together. Then, I finish it off with a little label saying it is made with love from me. Since the babies are all getting about as tall as me now...they want new ones. Bigger ones. So, this fabric is for my little one who wants a bigger one. She would like to have it done by this weekend.....or so I am told.

This next pictures are what my sissy and I bought at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and the kitchen store at the mall.

First....I would like to say that I don't think a 41 (almost 42) year old girl (ahem) is to old for stuffed animals. Do you? I saw this little fellow and he just had to come home with me. I had the perfect place for him. A couple years back, I got this little metal doll high chair. Occasionally I like to put stuffed things in it. I knew he would look so cute in the little chair. I think he looks like a little chocolate rabbit. Hope I don't gain weight looking at him. You know that can happen!

And, here we have a new Gooseberry Patch cookbook. I need a new cookbook like I need a hole in my head. But, I do cook a lot for my family and others and there is just something so sweet about these cookbooks. Don't you think? And, it looks like summer and boy am I ready for that! And, with our economy doing so poorly, I am going to try and cook more at home and eat out less. That is my plan anyway.

These little things were at Target. I thought I could make something with them for the kids. I love their little shapes. Ambrosia salad for Easter would be fun with these or toppers for cupcakes would be so cute too! Or, you could just open the bag and pop them in your mouth. Oh...the possibilities are endless! :)

And lastly, here is the birthday boy's picture. He is six years old today. I just love this creature. He makes me laugh everyday. He makes me smile everyday. He makes me happy. Happy Birthday to my handsome tuna eating kitty cat!

Told you this post was wacky and random. Hope you had time to enjoy the beautiful weather today if you live in the Midwest. We sure did. As I sit here typing this, I can hear the birds singing again. WHOO HOO!!!!! Maybe Spring really is coming. Thanks Lord for another season. Wonder what it will be bringing for my family and myself? Hope good things!

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Dawn said...

Simon has an attitude problem. Where is his birthday hat and tie?