Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for Yours?

Can you guess what I had done today? Let me give you a little hint.

Today was the day I had my mammogram. The clinic where I go opened recently a new cancer center. It also has a breast cancer center as well. I could not believe how beautiful it was when I walked in. Spiral staircase (and I mean a big one) and beautiful wood everywhere you looked. Decorated to a T. There was even a little boutique playing french music in there with fun little things inside.

When they called my name, I went inside this small little room. The technician asked me a couple questions and had me take my deodorant off with these little wipes, similar to baby wipes actually. She left the room and told me to remove my upper garments and put the "cape" on and the next tech would be in to get me shortly. I actually took a little picture of me in my lovely lavender super-woman cape. Can you see it?

While you sat there waiting, there was a flat computer screen on the wall. There was a "movie" playing of real pictures of fish swimming in the ocean. Kind of like your own fish tank. Classical music was playing in the background. How soothing!!! Here is a picture of my aquarium.

Finally the tech came in and we were ready to get my pictures. I could not take a picture during the actual mammogram. That would of been very difficult!! Plus, the technician would of thought I was off my rocker probably!

Actually the entire experience was wonderful. The actual procedure did not hurt one bit. It was not even uncomfortable. My girlfriend thought it was funny that I was putting these pictures on my blog. I have no idea who reads my words here, but if you have been putting off having a mammogram because you were fearful.....please don't be. It was a piece of cake! I feel good knowing I am taking care of my temple God gave me and also it shows my two daughters the importance of that. So, please go for yours if it is time. Remember...piece of cake! :)

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