Saturday, March 14, 2009


Girls Night Out....that's what we had last night at my house. I have told you before about "The Birthday Club" that some friends of mine and I started. Just a group of ladies who I thought needed some TLC on their special days and they did not get it from other the birthday club was born. Of the members that we have in the club, no one has a birthday from December (and we have two) to May. That is a looooong time not to get together. I was missing all the ladies being together so I called a "meeting of the club." HA! I made a big pot of cheese tortellini soup, bought cheese bread from the bakery my sister made a layered salad. It was lovely. And lastly, I made a berry parfait for dessert with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Yummo! What was the most delicious part of the meal was the conversation and the women gathered around the table. All of us come from different walks of life. All have struggles with things. All of us want to be the best Christian woman we can be. All of us are there for each other.
This night was needed by all those who attended. Our friend Kim came in and said she was ready for our G.N.O. We had no idea what she was referring to. She said that Miley Cyrus has a song out and it is about Girls Night Out. Leave it to a spunky 16 year old girl on the Disney channel to come up with that. :) And, that is just what we had.

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