Saturday, August 27, 2011

A New School

 My daughter is getting to attend a brand new high school this year.  We had the open house last night at the new school.  There was a huge turn out.  We had colorful balloons in school colors, of course, that we released.  The principal asked each of us to write on a piece of paper a hope or prayer (yes he used the word prayer....isn't that AWESOME!!!) that we had for the children of the new school.  He asked us to attach those little slips of paper onto the strings of the balloons.
 And then he asked us to release them into the sky.  I imagined all those prayers being lifted to Heaven for all of our children who will be attending this school year and in the years to come.
 It is certainly a state of the art new building.
 Their mascot is the Mustang.  Inside the school was this bronze statue.  It is REALLY big.  Talk about some school spirit here!  :)
 The new gym floors were sooo shiny.  You could almost see yourself in them!  And the smell of wood when you walked into the gym was delightful.
 Hope my daughter never spends any time in this room.  :)
 The school is three stories high.  This is the entry way of the school looking down.  Quite impressive.
 I loved this idea.  If a student gets into trouble, they are to push the red button for help.
And, where are the chalk boards these days?  Now they have projection screens that are all connected to computers.  Technology.  Remember when we had chalk boards and those really long erasers the teacher used?  I loved it when I was asked, as a student, to go outside and beat those erasers on the ground to get the chalk dust out of them.  An excuse to leave class and go outside.  :)

I don't think my daughter understands what a privilage it is to be able to attend such a wonderful new school.  My prayer on the balloon, that was lifted to Heaven, was that respect would find its way back into our schools for the teachers and staff and one another.  That God would be asked back into our schools.  It is true that all the new technology and shiny floors and bells and whistles that the new school brings are awesome and amazing.  But, I wonder..... wouldn't it be so much more amazing and awesome if Our God were asked to attend this year as well?

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Jennifer said...

What a fabulous school....and your last line was perfect....yes....let us have God in our schools!!!!