Tuesday, August 30, 2011

His Royal Highness

I moved my most favorite chair into my sewing room so I could sit in it more often.  It had been upstairs in my room and I hardly ever sat in it.  Seems someone else in my house thinks it is pretty comfy as well.


Anonymous said...

Fun! He looks so soft. What is his personality?

I had an orange tabby that I called "Katie Jean", we loved each other. Katie would run into the room if she saw me sitting in a chair, jump into my lap and put one foot on each shoulder and rub her face against my cheek. I am sad to say that someone in my neighborhood poisoned her. I shed copious amounts of tears, I even wrote a poem about her. She was my precious gift from the Lord during a hard time in my life. Sigh....

notes of sincerity said...

Every time I see him, it brings a smile to my face!! :o) He's so fluffy!! :o)

Raindrops and Daisies said...

I have a cat like yours but white!
Her name is Mittens.

Just found your blog and it is lovely, I will be back.

Fiona @ Raindrops and Daisys