Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Does anyone out there still write old fashioned letters anymore?  Or send cards with handwritten notes tucked inside?  I do.  I love to write letters to people.  My auntie that lost her husband a year ago that lives in Texas tells me how much she looks forward to my letters in her mailbox.  My 97 year old grandma who lives in the nursing home enjoys my letters as well.  I like to send notes or cards to people I love.  I think with emails and text messaging, letter writing will become a lost art if we are not careful.  I know I have saved some letters from people in my life.  Maybe you have as well.  Why do we do that?  Because they are special to us.  :)

Life is so busy for people today.  Work, family responsibilities and well....just life, keep us all going in 1000 different directions.  We all, especially women, have our plates spinning every which way.  Here is what I am trying to say.  Maybe sometime this week, we all could sit down and write a little note to someone we love and tell them how important they are to us.  Maybe share something from our lives with them...even something as simple as what you are making for your family for dinner.  Just to let them know you are thinking of them.  I bet it will make them smile and feel wonderful inside. 

So, are you with me?  Can we take this challenge and set a couple minutes aside to write someone in our lives a little note and encourage them today?  I know how much I like seeing something good in my mailbox that is not a bill!   And something tells me....they will to.


Deb said...

It's a great idea but I am such a procrastinator! I love getting mail though.

amy smart said...

You are so right! My 11-year-old loves writing letters to people. Most of the friends her age never write back, but she has developed quite a correspondence with her Grandma. I love that she will have those hand-written letters forever.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Have happy day!

Big O said...

Honey I love you for whom you have become. You are always lifting someone one up. Mom

Dawn Gahan said...

Will do. And thanks for the heartfelt reminder of the written word and its power.