Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm With The Band!!

Last night was my daughters first 8th grade band concert at her new school. She plays the trombone. She is sitting waaaaay back on the right next to the tubas! The band teacher praised them because she said the kids were all very gifted with music and they were playing pieces they don't usually play until their freshman year in band. It sounded amazing. I am so proud of her for not quitting band. Sometimes peer pressure gets to kids about music. Sports seem to get much higher ratings than music and that is very very sad. I am so very proud of this band and the kids who participate in it.


Ali said...

I'm with the band too. :) Go Sissy, we are proud of you too. Wish we could have heard you blow your horn.

Nanny and Colin

Deb said...

I agree with you. Sports are not everything. My kids were far more interested in music and drama when they were in school. Don't give in to peer pressure!

Big O said...

Hi I am so Proud you are with the band. So blow that horn sweetie. I love you bunches.